Haley is a thick snow bunny that loves BBC.

On December 23, 2015


Haley is friends with Pinky. After I laid some serious pipe in Pinky I got a call from Haley asking me to come to Vegas. I asked her how she looked. She answered “Like a thick glass of water that will quench your deepest thirst”. I hung up and got in the car for the drive to vegas. Once I was settled in the room I texted her the room number. When she talked in the door my heart skipped a beat. I knew I was gonna cum and cum hard. Thick, cute white girls with an innocent look always get me. Haley has curves and she knows how to use them. I got deep in her pussy and she loved it. She knows how to work a black cock. Her bouncing caused me to shoot a hot thick load and this video will let you experience every moment of it so put your pants around your ankles and get ready.


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