Zoey takes it in the ass wearing pink heels

On December 3, 2015


Zoey is amazing. She is the kind of girl that would goto a concert and do anything to get back stage. Once backstage she would make sure everyone has a good time. I like good time girls so I like Zoey. She flew into Los Angeles and told me to come over. As soon as I saw her name on the caller ID my cock started getting hard. I drove to her place and when I open to door she is ass naked with her tits poking at me. My balls started spinning in their sack. We get on the bed and start fucking. Pure Bliss. She is tight from top to bottom. While banging her doggie style I notice her asshole is winking at me. Its inviting me to come on in. I put her in missionary and spread her legs. I jam my cock in her fartbox and its everything I could have wanted and more. Watching this video its like YOU’RE in her pooper so enjoy it buddy, you’ve earned it.


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